Some Highlight On Why Global Sevilla Uses IEYC For Preschool Jakarta

Some Highlight On Why Global Sevilla Uses IEYC For Preschool Jakarta

IEYC or international early years curriculum is one of the many effective options for preschool or kindergarten education. Many schools across the world employ the curriculum, including Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta. But, why IEYC? At least the following information can give a slight reason for the capability of the curriculum for Global Sevilla. 

The Best Option For International Education In Jakarta 

One thing that parents should consider is the status of Global Sevilla as one of the high-end international schools in Jakarta. With that, it explains how crucial the use of a proper global renowned curriculum is. Among many, IEYC turned into the best option for the school. International early years curriculum from fieldwork education has its ways of presenting the best learning ideas. 

Help Character Building 

One of the learning ideas and principles of the curriculum is focusing on six areas of learning and development of the children. It helps students to learn and grasp the nature of education as more attractive learning. The said ideation is similar to or matches Global Sevilla’s idea of providing the best education that is not only focused on the academic outcome.

Generally, the IEYC has its focuses on providing holistic learning for children. It includes developing varying variables of their development, such as one with the six areas of learning. The school also has its chance in providing a more character-building focus learning, such as using a mindfulness approach and teaching values.  

Focuses On Six Areas Of Learning And Development 

One of the keys to character building is the ability to find one’s strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills, talent, and capabilities. IEYC highlight six areas of learning composing the fundamental development in cognitive, motoric, communicative, literature, creativity, and knowledge of the world. Students are not assessed based on their academic accomplishments but through thorough observation.  

Flexible Syllabus To Fit The Five Programs On Global Sevilla 

IEYC has its positive factors and uses thanks to its flexibility. Preschool Jakarta or anywhere else has the chance to combine the curriculum with the national standard or many other unique principles in it. With Global Sevilla’s education wanting to develop character building, IEYC gives leeway to keep the learning meaningful, fun, and attractive without losing the school purpose.Global Sevilla does not pick its curriculum without any reason. IEYC has been known as one of the best curriculums for the young learner, which can explain why thousands of educators use the syllabus. Global Sevilla itself has a focus on character development, which is fitting with the curriculum. It makes the school worth considering. Parents don’t hesitate! Check out Global Sevilla for its best education.

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